Little India resident accuses neighbours of partying till 3am on weekends, playing cat-and-mouse game with cops


Imagine looking forward to the weekend for some rest after a long work week, only to be kept up late because of the ruckus your neighbours are making. 

That's what one woman, who goes by the name Jade, has to experience almost every weekend. 

The 44-year-old told AsiaOne that her neighbours — who live above a wellness centre at Race Course Road — would often come home late at night on the weekends. 

These occupants would then gather at the back alley, which faces Jade's HDB flat, and make plenty of noise from 11pm to 3am. 

They would usually be in groups of four to eight and seemingly drunk. 

The noise got especially bad this year, and it was so "horrible" that Jade and her family would leave their beds in the wee hours of the morning just to monitor the disturbance from their windows. 

"My family and the residents have been suffering [since] this batch of people shifted in," shared Jade. 

In hopes of reducing the noise, Jade and her family said they try to close all their windows. But it hasn't been very effective. 

"It is not helping since our flat is facing the back alley directly," she explained. 

"We do have neighbours with elderly and young children and some of us are trying to rest early to work over the weekends."

Cat-and-mouse games 

Though these neighbours have been affecting the family for months, they dare not confront them. 

"As they're in a group and the nuisance usually takes place very late at night, I did not want to risk my safety to confront them. Especially since they are rowdy from the alcohol consumption," Jade told AsiaOne. 

But after enduring this for so long, Jade "couldn't take it any further" and contacted the Rochor Neighbourhood Police for assistance. 

The police at the scene. PHOTO: Jade 

She praised the police for being "swift" to act, but the noisy neighbours have been trying to outsmart the cops. 

"This group seems to be aware that the police patrol car is entering from the main road and the only female [of the group] will signal the men to go into the building to hide," said Jade. 

But while the police tried their best to help, Jade said that they told her there is only so much they can do because these people are residents there. 

She said that the police told her that at most, they can only remind the residents not to make noise late at night.  

AsiaOne has reached out to the police for more details. 

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