Little red dot goes big: Singapore to showcase ‘dreams’ in Japan’s ‘dream island’

Little red dot goes big: Singapore to showcase ‘dreams’ in Japan’s ‘dream island’
PHOTO: Singapore Tourism Board

The little red dot makes a scaled up 17-metre-tall transformation for the Singapore Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka.

Spanning almost two years of planning, Singapore is the first of 64 countries in the world to begin construction of our pavilion at the expo.

Aptly named the Dream Sphere, this installation is set to be the centrepiece of the Singapore Pavilion at next year's edition of the world expo.

In a media preview held last Monday (April 8), Singapore Tourism Board's Executive Director for World Expo and Special Projects, Carrie Kwik outlines how the pavilion will "share the narrative of Singapore's very bold and contemporary spirit."

With Singapore's tagline being Where Dreams take Shape, the making of the dream sphere is a collaborative effort in visualising the nation's aspirations. Of which the pavilion tells the story of building a liveable sustainable city, that would take care of all who live on the island. The pavilion also aims to reach out to at least 1 million attendees by the end of the six-month-long event.

Construction of the dream sphere is made with the principles of circular design as a prime focus.

CEO of DP Architects, Seah Chee Huang describes how he aims to be "better than sustainable" by using aluminium that has been recycled to build the sphere. This allows the sphere to be easily reused after the event and saves on CO2 emissions, complimenting the 4Rs of recycling.

The scaley exterior of the sphere also aptly calls back to Seigaiha, a traditional Japanese wave motif, and Ema, a Japanese wooden wishing charm often found in shrines.

Besides representing our ambition for the future, the sphere will also be a platform for an exchange of cultures and ideas amongst the international visitors at the Expo.

Held for the third time in Japan, Expo 2025 Osaka is set to welcome more than 28 million visitors to Yumeshima Island. Translated as the 'dream island', the location references the Expo's theme of Designing Future Societies for Our Lives.

The Expo 2025 Osaka is set to run from April 13 to Oct 13, 2025.

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