Live Your Dream Season 2: Better late than never

Live Your Dream Season 2: Better late than never

A helper may not be just one who helps out with housework and cooks for the family. For some families, their contribution often extends way beyond.

After Corinne Chua’s mum was struck by a stroke, she once thought of staying single so she can take care of her mum wholeheartedly. Her family helper Jayawardena Mudiyanselage Sittamma told her not to worry and go get married. With assurance from Jaya, Corinne went on to pursue her happiness and is now a happy mother of two girls.

Jayawardena, 62, left Sri Lanka and came to Singapore to work for the Chua family at the age of 40, when her husband’s sudden death forced her to become the financial pillar in her family. “When I think about it, my heart aches. She definitely did not have it easy, yet she took care of us wholeheartedly,” says Corinne. 

When Corinne’s mum was at her deathbed, Jayawardena who was the main caregiver pleaded her not to go, “Get well soon and return home with us. I still want to take care of you”. Corinne was deeply touched by Jayawardena, “I would never forget that moment because not all helpers are like her. She may not be related to us but I always regard her as my family member”.

In this final episode of Live Your Dream Season 2, the team seeks to help Corinne learn how to cook Sri Lankan dishes so she can express gratitude to Jayawardena by cooking a meal for her.  However, the team realises that there are not many chefs in Singapore who are well-versed in Sri Lankan cuisine. Can Corinne fulfill her dream? Watch on to find out. 

About Live Your Dream Season 2

After a highly successful Season 1 that garnered more than 2.3 million views, host Ken Low Yong Kian (Chinese Media Group NewsHub Correspondent) returns to front Season 2 where he continues to fulfil dreams of people from all walks of life across seven episodes.

This well-received programme promises to bring you more tears and laughter as we celebrate the value of realising every individual’s dream no matter how small it may be.

Live Your Dream Season 2 is presented in partnership with China Life Singapore.

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