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Live Your Dream Season 2: I'll take care of you, Dad

Live Your Dream Season 2: I'll take care of you, Dad

There is one thing you don't find in 29-year-old Eric Lim - negativity.

When he was 24, he became the sole caregiver for his father David Lim, 70, who suffered from Vascular Dementia due to not one but three strokes. Eric was still an undergraduate then.

Eric said, "I didn't know what to do. At that time, I didn't even know what stroke is all about. As both my mum and brother were working, I took up the responsibility to be my dad's caregiver."

Like many Asian parent-child relationships, Eric was not close to his father. He didn't know what his father's favourite food is, neither did he know what his father likes to do. However, his profession has helped him to handle the situation better.

Eric is currently a Mindfulness Psychologist at Brahm Centre. He won the 2017 AWWA Young Model Caregiver Merit Award for his dedication to supporting caregivers at Brahm Centre, as well as his unwavering attention in caring for his father.

Since Eric's father has taken ill, the family has not been able to travel and enjoy bonding time. Eric's dream is to bring his parents out for a staycation, but this has proved to be an uphill task. Bedridden, Eric's father requires much preparation in order to make a trip out of the house. Find out how the production team helped Eric fulfil his dream.

About Live Your Dream Season 2

After a highly successful Season 1 that garnered more than 2.3 million views, host Ken Low Yong Kian (Chinese Media Group NewsHub Correspondent) returns to front Season 2 where he continues to fulfil dreams of people from all walks of life across seven episodes.

This well-received programme promises to bring you more tears and laughter as we celebrate the value of realising every individual’s dream no matter how small it may be.

Live Your Dream Season 2 is presented in partnership with China Life Singapore.


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