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Live Your Dream Season 2: Paint a new start

Live Your Dream Season 2: Paint a new start

A true artist does not rely only on his eyes to paint a beautiful picture.

Wesley Seah, 50, is a Chinese ink painting and calligraphy artist who is completely blind in his right eye and has barely 40 per cent of vision left in his left eye.

"Who is to say that a person with disability cannot perform certain tasks? I may be disabled but I am enabled differently", says Wesley who developed a rare type of glaucoma at the age of 35, in the midst of his career peak.

He is the physical embodiment of 'nothing is impossible'.

Wesley only began learning Chinese ink painting and calligraphy after he lost part of his vision. He recalled creating a big mess at his work desk when he first started, because he couldn't discern whether he had dipped his brush in ink or whether he had dragged the brush over the paper.

Despite all these challenges, Wesley never thought of giving up. Holding a solo art exhibition has always been his dream ever since he started painting.

By fulfilling Wesley's dream, Live Your Dream Season 2 hopes to inspire other visually-impaired individuals, and to increase public awareness on visually-impaired people and their potential.

About Live Your Dream Season 2

After a highly successful Season 1 that garnered more than 2.3 million views, host Ken Low Yong Kian (Chinese Media Group NewsHub Correspondent) returns to front Season 2 where he continues to fulfil dreams of people from all walks of life across seven episodes.

This well-received programme promises to bring you more tears and laughter as we celebrate the value of realising every individual's dream no matter how small it may be.

Live Your Dream Season 2 is presented in partnership with China Life Singapore.


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