Local internet celebrity Steven Lim promotes slimming class by showing off his 'six-pack' in Bishan

PHOTO: Stomp

Local internet celebrity Steven Lim was seen promoting his slimming class at Bishan MRT station on Wednesday evening (March 20) by showing passers-by real-life results -- in the form of himself.

The social media star, who affectionately refers to himself as 'Superstar Steven Lim Kor Kor', was spotted by Stomp contributor Ong at around 7pm.

Ong told Stomp: "It was peak hour and I saw him approaching many passers-by outside Junction 8 shopping mall.

"What's funny was that he was promoting his 'slimming class' so he kept showing people his six-pack -- he actually lifted his shirt to everyone whom he approached and tried convincing them to join his 'six-pack slimming class'.

"His face seemed angry when a lot of people rejected him, but there was a guy who signed up."