Maid jailed for mixing bodily fluids into family's food, stealing over $17,000

Maid jailed for mixing bodily fluids into family's food, stealing over $17,000

An Indonesian domestic helper was jailed for six months and seven weeks after she admitted to mixing her bodily fluids into some food and drink and serving them to her employer's family.

Diana, 30, who goes by one name, also stole more than $17,000 from the family.

Yesterday, she pleaded guilty to one charge of theft and two charges of mischief, with one other charge taken into consideration.

Diana was employed in 2017 to take care of the family of six. This included her employer, her employer's husband and two children, as well as her employer's elderly parents.

The family of six lived in the same flat.

In August last year, Diana mixed her urine, saliva, and menstrual blood into the water in the family's kettle.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Angela Ang said: "The accused believed that by doing this, the family would come to agree with whatever the accused did and would not scold her for her work performance."

That same month, she mixed her bodily fluids into the rice that she cooked for the family.

The family consumed the contaminated food and drink and did not suspect anything was wrong.


Diana also stole from her employer's mother, a 67-year-old housewife who received a monthly allowance of about $3,000 from her husband and three daughters.

When they received their bonuses, the amount would increase to $8,000.

The housewife would place all the money into a safe, which was secured with a number lock, inside her bedroom.

Diana plotted to steal from the woman and monitored her every time she unlocked her iPad.

She managed to obtain the numeric pass code of the iPad and used it to access the woman's safe.

She then stole money from the safe and passed the stolen cash to another Indonesian to remit back to Indonesia. The money was not recovered.

The family found out about what she had done after she confessed and a police report was made.

In mitigation, Diana said she was divorced and needed to support her child and ill mother.

She added that she wanted to apologise to her employer's family.

This article was first published in The New Paper. Permission required for reproduction.

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