Man arrested for drink driving after crashing into 2 pedestrians at Little India

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Singapore Road Accident

As people strolled along the walkway outside a shop in Little India on Tuesday (Dec 29) evening, they didn't see a black BMW hurtling towards them.

The seven-seater car mounted the walkway, crashed into two pedestrians and knocked them off their feet. A lamp post stopped the vehicle from doing further damage.

A 34-year-old male driver was subsequently arrested for drink driving.

CCTV footage from the shop made its way onto social media, showing what had happened during the accident.

In the video, a black BMW is seen suddenly crashing into two pedestrians who were using the walkway.

The pedestrian wearing beige pants is hit by the car's bumper which sends him falling onto the ground.   

The other pedestrian, hit by the side of the car, loses his balance and falls onto a display rack placed outside the shop. After regaining his footing, he stands up and moves away from the scene. 

Passers-by then gather to check on the victims and the driver is seen getting out of his car before the clip cuts off.

In response to AsiaOne's queries, the police said that they were alerted to an accident involving a car and two pedestrians along Serangoon Road towards Upper Serangoon Road at 5.07pm. 

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told AsiaOne that they conveyed a 40-year-old man to Raffles Hospital subsequently. According to the police, the male pedestrian was conscious when taken to the hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.