Man challenges police to 'take your gun and shoot me', woman complains 'I'm so hungry I'm going to faint': Chaos outside Swatch outlets in Singapore

Man challenges police to 'take your gun and shoot me', woman complains 'I'm so hungry I'm going to faint': Chaos outside Swatch outlets in Singapore
PHOTO: Instagram/Singapore_Incidents

Tempers flared and voices were raised early on Saturday (March 26), after customers camped for hours outside Swatch stores at Ion Orchard and Marina Bay Sands (MBS). They were hoping to be one of the first to get their hands on the collaborative collection by watchmakers Omega and Swatch.

Some customers were believed to have arrived as early as 5.30am, The Straits Times reported.

Videos on TikTok and Instagram showed disgruntled customers in shouting matches with Swatch staff as well as police who were called in to manage the chaotic scene.

One man at Ion Orchard who seemed to be unhappy over being cut out of the queue was filmed shouting at police officers.

"We co-operate with the b**** brand manager. He asked us to move back that's why we moved back, that's why we are behind, and then you cut us behind."


@ruitianbear Dude literally told the police in chinese “pull your gun and shoot me la!” Just becuase he can’t get the Omega X Swatch Watch… 😵‍💫 #omega #omegaxswatch #swatch #orchardion #singapore #watch #shootmela ♬ original sound - Bear

He continued: "Then you all doing what? [In Mandarin] Take your gun and shoot me lor!" at which bystanders attempted to calm him down.

One man was overheard in the background saying "Whoa, whoa... this one $300 only leh."

In another video which was broadcast live, customers in line at what appears to be MBS, were seen confronting Swatch staff members for the hours spent waiting without being able to buy food.

"The requirement of the security team here is if you want to go to the toilet, okay, but if you want to go out to go and buy food, sorry you cannot come back," said one man.

A woman who was also in the queue added: "I'm so hungry I'm going to faint."


However, commenters on both videos mostly appeared unsympathetic to their plight.

"Dude crying over a watch that's not even limited edition," wrote one, while another stated, "nobody owes you an explanation".

One other commenter just advised people to wait for a restock.

Comparing it to the "glorious days" of camping overnight for football matches, National Day parade tickets and Singapore Idol, another netizen chimed in that those people in the queue were "too noob".

Two customers interviewed by The Straits Times said the lack of a proper queuing system led to the chaos. Both reported that at least one person fainted due to the crowd.

Said content executive Gregory Ang, 29: "The problem was that the staff didn't set up dividers, so when the police broke up the queue, some people cut in and made it worse."

127 numbers were eventually distributed to those waiting outside Ion Orchard, but due to the chaotic situation, some who arrived early had to leave empty-handed.

Queue numbers were also given out to customers at Marina Bay Sands for them to return at an allocated time slot.

The MoonSwatch collection comprises 11 designs priced at $372 each and is inspired by the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, which retails for upwards of $9,000.

In updates to their Facebook page on Saturday morning, Swatch emphasised that the watches are not limited edition and more "opportunities to purchase" them would be available in the coming weeks.


It added that a purchase limit of one watch per person will be imposed "until further notice".

However, that hasn't stopped users on resale marketplace Carousell from jacking up the price of the watches.

A quick search threw up several results, with one seller listing each MoonSwatch at $2,888, and another selling the "Venus" design for $1,200. Other Carousell users offered to buy the watches at their original price but with an additional fee "for queuing".

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