Man claims to be police, slaps woman for feeding cats in Sembawang

Man claims to be police, slaps woman for feeding cats in Sembawang

One man's catty behaviour has caught the attention of the internet. 

A cat lover in Sembawang Crescent was in the midst of feeding a stray cat on Sunday (Nov 10) around midnight when a man claiming to be a police officer came up to her and slapped her.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, the 43-year-old housewife recounted how she had been minding her own business when an Indian man in a white shirt and dark blue jeans alighted from a black Volkswagen and approached her.

The man claimed to be a police officer and told her that she wasn't allowed to feed the cats, citing several resident complaints and alleged police reports.

However, he failed to produce a warrant card, rousing the suspicion of the cat feeder. When she threatened to report him to the police, he flew into a rage and smacked her across the face.

He slapped her so hard that her glasses flew off her face, she said. The shock left the woman frozen on the spot as he turned tail and fled towards his car, but not before grabbing her phone and throwing it aside.

She filed a police report afterwards.

Ever since she started feeding the cats in February this year, she has yet to receive a single complaint, the woman said.

According to other residents, the feeder would come by to feed the cats every Sunday. She had always made sure to clean up after every session, going so far as to wash the ground before leaving.


In light of the attack, another cat feeder identified as Nasha told reporters how she had faced residents throwing insults and even slippers at her.

"Apparently (the residents) just don't like seeing stray cats in their area, let alone seeing someone feed them."

The police said they are investigating the incident.

They also reminded the public to remain vigilant and be aware of similar frauds impersonating them. One should always request to see their warrant card and confirm it before cooperating with the police.

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