Man helps food delivery rider who collapsed, delivers order for him

Man helps food delivery rider who collapsed, delivers order for him
PHOTO: Facebook/UniquelyKelvin

Despite the essential work they do, there's no denying that food delivery riders are often woefully underappreciated.

Fortunately, one driver was ready to offer a helping hand when a food delivery rider collapsed en route to a customer.

In a Facebook post today (June 4), Kelvin Tay recounted that he had spotted the rider while he was on his way home after dropping his child off at school.

The man "suddenly collapsed" along with his motorcycle on the road and appeared to be "very pale". 

Tay immediately got out of his car to check on the man, who was complaining of "stomach pain".

Concerned, he asked the rider to take a rest, but the rider insisted on completing his delivery order.

It was only when Tay offered to escort him home and deliver the order on his behalf that he relented.

In his post, Tay said that he was sharing his experience to highlight the hard work of the men and women out there working in the delivery line.

"Times like this is not easy [sic]. Sometimes if they are slightly late, it's definitely not intentional. I hope Singaporeans will have more empathy towards them, especially times like now when delivery is on a rise.

"But always remember... Health comes first."

Responding to Tay's post, one Ashton Goh identified himself as the delivery rider and expressed his "utmost gratitude".

Goh said: "Even though he had to leave for work soon, he offered to escort me back home and help send the order for me.

"At that point of time, my vision was almost entirely white and that was when I dropped my bike and couldn't proceed further. However, I'm feeling much better now, so no worries."

The post also received a deluge of wholesome comments praising both Tay and Goh.

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