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Man rides PMD into train on North South Line

Man rides PMD into train on North South Line
PHOTO: Stomp

Many have found personal mobility devices (PMDs) to be a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transport.

However, some have become overly dependent on their devices and use them when they really should not.

Stomp contributor Leela was on board a train on the North South Line on Saturday (Mar 30) when she saw a man in the cabin on a PMD.

"He was already in the cabin when I boarded the train at Novena at about 2.22pm," Leela told Stomp.

"He then alighted at Yio Chu Kang Station."

In the photos, the man, who is wearing a Foodpanda shirt, is seen sitting on his PMD in the middle of the cabin before moving it to in front of a pair of sliding doors just before alighting.

Leela did not think it was right for him to be riding his PMD in the train and informed Stomp that she reported the matter to SMRT.

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), commuters are allowed to bring their PMDs on public transport but they must keep their devices folded up at all times.

Commuters are advised to hold their device and not block doors and pathways.

They are also not allowed to ride their device in train stations or bus interchanges.

Those who do not comply with the rules can face enforcement action and be fined up to $500.

This is not the first time, Stomp has been alerted to PMD users riding their devices in inappropriate locations.


Last month, another PMD user was seen riding his device through the checkout aisle in Bishan's FairPrice supermarket.

Netizens slammed the rider for being "lazy" and a potential hazard to other shoppers.

Photo: Facebook screengrabs
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