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Man swinging sword and attacking pedestrians in Buangkok arrested

Man swinging sword and attacking pedestrians in Buangkok arrested
PHOTO: Facebook/, Singapore Road Accident

A man was spotted swinging a sword at pedestrians and cars along Buangkok Crescent on Monday (March 14) afternoon.

He had allegedly swung the weapon towards members of the public, and had damaged at least three cars in the vicinity. Five members of the public detained the man before he was arrested by the police. 

Various videos of the man have also appeared online, showing him walking on the road with a sword.

In one video, women could be heard screaming as this man suddenly lunged at a shopper with his sword. The shopper managed to shield the attack with his shopping bags.

The man slipped and the brave victim managed to subdue him with the help of two pedestrians. 

The police told AsiaOne that they responded to a call for assistance regarding a man wielding a sword along Buangkok Square at about 1.55pm. 

The man was subsequently arrested for criminal intimidation and possession of an offensive weapon. The sword was seized as a case exhibit. 

Under the Penal code, the offence of criminal intimidation carries an imprisonment term of up to two years, a fine or both. 

The offence of the possession of an offensive weapon in a public place carries an imprisonment term of up to three years and caning of not less than six strokes.

The man and two members of the public sustained minor injuries.
Police investigations are ongoing.

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