'MBS badge lady' back on the streets sans mask; Xiaxue gets glared at after approaching her

PHOTO: Instagram/Wendy Cheng Xiaxue

A jail term of 16 weeks must have just flown by for Phoon Chui Yoke, the Singaporean woman perhaps better known as the MBS Badge Lady.

And time behind bars seems to have done little to change the mindset and behaviour of the 55-year-old, who was spotted out and about town recently with - you guessed it, no mask on once again.

Phoon, a former naval officer, gained notoriety in May 2021 after being filmed refusing to wear a mask at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) when approached by a social distancing officer.

She was sentenced to 16 weeks' jail on Sept 6 after pleading guilty to nine charges of breaching Covid-19 safe distancing measures.

This time, she was spotted and photographed by local Internet personality Xiaxue, who took the opportunity to troll Phoon.

PHOTO: Instagram/Wendy Cheng Xiaxue

In her Instagram post, Xiaxue said she spotted Phoon in Orchard Road on March 6 and approached her for an interview.

Phoon reportedly glared at the influencer in response.

The influencer then asked her if she was the "Badge Lady", but Phoon continued to stare at her in silence before walking off.

Xiaxue quipped, "I love how [the badge lady] really 'die die' stick to her principles."

"I think she's just walking around Orchard without a mask coz she purposely wanna have people film her!! If not, why is she wearing her distinctive sunglasses just walking around aimlessly - right or not? Anyway ok lor I fulfil her wish lol".

This article was first published in The New Paper.