Men asked Singapore influencer to sell used and unwashed clothes to them

Men asked Singapore influencer to sell used and unwashed clothes to them

Carousell is a great place to sell your pre-loved items, which in turn, can help save the environment. But some guys are taking the term "used item" too literally and inappropriately by asking a beauty blogger to sell clothes that she has worn and not washed to them.

Ukinikay Nakihcinnak, who goes by the Instagram handle @nikaynakih, posted on Instagram stories last night about her encounter with buyers on Carousell who sent her inappropriate messages while striking up conversation to buy her item.

One dude wanted to buy her bralette and offered cash on delivery. He asked her to "wear it until we meet" at Bayfront MRT.

Another dude (not sure same dude with different username or different dude) who contacted her through Instagram seemed like a serious buyer at first and suddenly turned creepy. First, he requested to buy used and unwashed clothes off her. When she said all her clothes were washed, he wrote, "How about you wear the clothes that we agreed for a few hours? Before I come to collect."

When she asked why he would make such a request despite being a father (on the assumption that the child in his display photo is his), he evaded the question and even wanted to go through with the transaction.

One guy took another step by telling her directly that he has been fapping to her photos (WTF). He even offered to "keep everything here between us" after offering to pay her for her photos.

She wrote: "I find it really funny how some dude try to rationalise and normalise this behaviour [as if] it's expected of me and I should think it's a reasonable reaction to receive [offers from] sick f*cks trying to buy worn item from women for their fetish. No matter how you think it's OK just because my social media [posts] show [my breasts], it doesn't mean I should 'accept' or normalise this behaviour of random sick f*cks trying to fulfil their fantasies."

She went on to add that even if men bought her clothes to fap to them, don't tell her. "This is a respect and consideration for each other as strangers."

Note to all men: A woman has the right to upload any kind of photos she wants, and that doesn't give you a free pass to sexually harass or sexually assault her. Yes, making sexual comments that make her feel uncomfortable count as sexual harassment, in case you didn't know.

Girls, if anyone makes comments about your body or photo that make you feel uncomfortable, seek help.

If you have experienced sexual assault or are unsure about a sexual encounter, you can get help by calling the Sexual Assault Care Centre at 6779 0282 (Monday to Friday, 10am to midnight).

P.S.: Sexual harassment and sexual assault can happen to anyone, even men. If you know a man who needs help, call the Sexual Assault Care Centre or the police.

This article was first published in CLEO Singapore.

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