Mind blown: Guy demonstrates the proper way to use this Singapore playground staple

It took one adult male from Japan to school the internet on the right way to go down this playground staple. 

The corkscrew climber is definitely one of the most ubiquitous components of any playground, in Singapore as well. With no instructions on how to play it, you may recall using it as an emergency escape hatchet while playing 'catching' with friends.

With the word 'climber' in its name, climbing up and down the spirals seemed to be common sense. But that may not have been the only way to use it, as many found out recently.

A Facebook video posted on June 5 to the channel Singaporing showed us that you could actually slide your way down the pole while seated. And suddenly, it made perfect sense.

Teaching a young girl how to play on the structure, the guy starts by sitting at the top of the pole before slowly letting gravity work its magic, sliding his bum all the way down the spiral track. 

It certainly looks like a safer way to go down the spiral ladder, rather then trying to climb down it.

Facebook users were just as mind-blown, with many sharing that their childhood mystery had finally been solved. 

Photo: Facebook

Others thought the action served another purpose as well -- to help lessen the workload of the cleaners. 

Photo: Facebook

Some enlightened ones were not as shocked, claiming that they had always known how it was meant to be used when they were kids. 

Photo: Facebook

Though there is no official 'right' method to play this, a playground design company shows us how the corkscrew climber is meant to give kids 'two events in one', by allowing users to climb up and twirl down.