MOE postpones use of TraceTogether token in schools until all tokens given out

MOE postpones use of TraceTogether token in schools until all tokens given out
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The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced that it will push back the requirement for students to use the TraceTogether token (TT) until everyone has received their token or have downloaded the mobile app.

This comes after the Government said that the public should collect the tokens in their respective constituencies and cited long queues observed at collection centres, The Straits Times reported.

MOE previously stated that students were required to check-in to schools using the TraceTogether tokens or app by Dec 1, with December marked as the grace period in which students can still scan their NRIC or student pass to enter schools. 

MOE postpones use of TraceTogether token in schools

All schools will implement the use of the TT-only SafeEntry gradually from Dec 1 instead.

The move is to supplement existing safe contact tracing efforts so as to ensure that contract tracing is carried out swiftly and effectively, according to MOE’s recently updated FAQ section on precautionary measures in schools.


All individuals aged seven and above are required to use the TraceTogether token or app. 

MOE also encouraged students to bring their TT token to school for ease for contact tracing once the implementation is enforced as students might not have access to their phones at all times due to classes or outdoor activities. 

The ministry also said school staff will assist students in the transition to using TraceTogether. 

Parents and students can collect the TT Tokens at their constituency Community Centres/Clubs (CC’s) when the collection exercise commences in their respective constituency.

The FAQ also seeks to address some of parents’ concerns regarding the TT-only SafeEntry. It states that in the event a student does not have the TT app, misplaces or forgets to bring his or her TT Token, he or she will not be denied entry to schools. 

For more details on the latest schedule and location for Token collection, you may visit the TokenGoWhere website.

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