Most uplifting video you'll watch today: DHL driver piggybacks elderly man struggling to cross road

PHOTO: Stomp

Seeing that an elderly man was having difficulty crossing the road, a driver from shipping giant DHL exited from his van and went forward to help.

However, the elderly man continued to struggle with his walking aid -- prompting the DHL driver to piggyback him across the road.

The heartwarming incident occurred at the junction of Waterloo Street and Middle Street at around 10.45am on Friday (May 17), and was caught on camera by Stomp contributor H. Leonardi.

H. Leonardi, who shared the video with Stomp, said: "There was heavy traffic and the traffic light had turned green for vehicles. But the car beside me suddenly stopped, which made me wonder why.

"That's when I saw the elderly man having difficulty crossing the road due to mobility issues.

"The DHL driver stopped his vehicle at one side, crossed over from the opposite side and came to provide assistance."

The Stomp contributor, who said this is the first time he has witnessed something like this, added: "In my books, the DHL driver is a hero who went above and beyond to help the elderly man.

"I was really touched by his kindness and and felt that faith in humanity has been restored."

Stomp has contacted DHL for comment.