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Motorists forced to switch lanes as Honda reverses on busy Braddell Road

Motorists forced to switch lanes as Honda reverses on busy Braddell Road
PHOTO: Facebook/Dzulkarnean Mosbah

Drivers often have to take a longer route after missing a turn.

But a certain motorist found an easier — but more dangerous — way to avoid making a detour.

The driver of a red Honda Jazz was seen reversing along the busy Braddell Road on Tuesday (July 6) afternoon in a video filmed by Facebook user Dzulkarnean Mosbah.

In the fast-forwarded clip, the car was seen slowly moving backwards, forcing other motorists travelling in the same lane to quickly switch lanes.


After five minutes of reversing, the hatchback managed to take its desired lane only after a trailer truck stopped a few metres behind it, signalling to the driver that it was giving way.

The driver then filtered to the left, heading to the road that leads to Bishan Road and Lornie Road, Dzulkarnean told Mothership.

Within hours, the Facebook post went viral and has since garnered over 1,100 comments and 7,500 shares on Facebook.

Netizens also chided the Honda driver for driving recklessly as they could've easily caused a chain collision with the vehicles such as buses, lorries, and motorcycles that were forced to suddenly change lanes.

Others commended the trailer truck driver for stopping and allowing the hatchback to make the manoeuvre.

Another netizen, who was one of the motorists travelling behind the Honda, said the driver's rash decision caused them to honk their horns while driving past the car.

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