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MP Seah Kian Peng responds to reactions to his Sunday 'walkabout'

MP Seah Kian Peng responds to reactions to his Sunday 'walkabout'
PHOTO: Facebook/Seah Kian Peng

In a Facebook post last Sunday (April 26), MP Seah Kian Peng shared that he had gone around coffee shops and a wet market, and spoke with several residents while "playing the role of a safe distancing ambassador" (SDA).


However, netizens questioned if the MP had flouted circuit breaker measures to "role-play" a SDA, pointing out how he wasn't wearing an identification card that all SDAs carry with them.

One of them also noted the use of the hashtag "walkabout" in his post and questioned if his actions were politically motivated.

Speaking with CNA, he said: "I hope we don't politicise this matter. It appears that some are clearly wanting to do so."

The People's Action Party had previously announced that it would stop all ground engagements such as market visits, home visits and Meet-the-People Sessions due to circuit breaker measures put in place to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Following online backlash towards his Facebook post, Seah made clarifications in the comments section.

Contrary to what some commenters had implied, the CEO of NTUC FairPrice said he had "been working from home almost entire last week", and only left his house twice to check on the launch of the new FairPrice on Wheels and to do some grocery shopping.

As for Sunday, he had gone to his community centre in order to sign some documents and, at the same time, checked out the two FairPrice supermarkets in the vicinity.

"This is part of my job to find out from time to time how operations were and the situation is on the ground," he explained.

While walking through the estate, he passed by the coffee shops and the wet market.

"One or two merchants in the wet market had some feedback for me as well when I was there," Seah wrote, adding that they were short conversations. Two other residents had approached him with enquiries, he said.

All the parties he spoke with had observed safe-distancing rules.

Similarly, Holland-Bukit Timah MP Liang Eng Hwa joined several other SDAs on the job on Sunday, wearing the same yellow identification vests as the rest.

His actions were met with mostly praise by netizens.

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