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Mum finds tape on pacifier, suspects nanny is sticking it on baby's face

Mum finds tape on pacifier, suspects nanny is sticking it on baby's face
PHOTO: Facebook/Vanessa Van

“Mummies looking or [have] already [placed] your lo at nanny’s place, please check your lo every day after you bring them home! (sic)” Vanessa Van, a mum in Singapore is urging fellow parents.

Taking to a Facebook post to share what she had experienced, Vanessa said she had picked up her three-month-old son from the nanny's last Friday (Sept 25), only to find his pacifier “very dirty and sticky”.


It did not occur to her that the nanny could have been involved, even though she noticed “sticky residues” on her son’s face for a week or so prior to the incident. 

“I thought maybe it’s the yaolan (cradle) or something being rubbed against my boy’s face,” Vanessa wrote.

When she asked the nanny why the pacifier was so sticky, Vanessa claimed that the nanny tried to avoid her question not just once, but twice, and even tried to change the topic. 

While Vanessa explained that her post is based purely on her own assumptions that the nanny had something to do with her recent observations.

“Feel free to let me know if you think otherwise, cause I really can’t imagine what other possibilities it could be,” she wrote.

In her post, Vanessa shared a couple of pictures where remnants of the white tape and its sticky residue were left on the pacifier. 

“I concluded that she taped the pacifier onto my boy’s face in order to force him to suck on it to sleep. And also so that she doesn’t have to keep putting the pacifier into his mouth,” Vanessa wrote. 

In addition, she alleged that the nanny often complains about her son not falling asleep despite rocking the yaolan (cradle), and only likes babies “who sleep all day so it’s easy for her to do her own things”. 

“By doing what was done, it may accidentally cause my boy to choke or [be] unable to breathe,” she says. And in case the nanny steps away from the child, she questioned: “Who’s there to save my boy?” 

However, apart from the nanny, Vanessa stated that the nanny’s husband also helps to look after the babies, leaving her uncertain as to who is the culprit.

“But since she is the main nanny, she should not have let this happen,” she said.

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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