Mum of five dies after fall in toilet, over $92,000 raised for children's education


Life can change in an instant. Unexpected things happen — both good and bad.

Such was the case for one family who lost their mum on a quick trip to the loo that ended in tragedy.

According to fundraising platform GIVE.Asia, the woman was having her confinement at home but experienced a fall in the toilet and sustained a spinal injury.

Due to the severity of her injuries, the mother-of-five subsequently suffered brain death. She left behind her husband, Eddy, and five young children aged between two months and nine years old.

PHOTO: Give.Asia


Her husband Eddy now bears the burden of raising five children single-handedly.
PHOTO: Give.Asia

After his wife’s death, Eddy shared that their children — who are still too young to understand the meaning of death — often ask about her whereabouts.

They would ask: “Why go back school, why dad picks up? Where’s mum? [sic]” 

Eddy, who works as a mechanic mover, is now the sole breadwinner of the family with a monthly salary of $2,400.

While he has received financial help from the community, he still needs more help. 

Still, the amount Eddy earns is barely enough to cover his children’s childcare/school fees and daily expenses.

With little left for savings, Eddy said he is concerned that he will not be able to afford his children’s education, causing them to quit school in the future. 

To help support the children’s educational needs, a fundraising campaign on GIVE.Asia Kindness has been set up for them. Over $92,000 has been raised as of the time of writing. 

All donations will go towards an endowment policy which will be managed by Giveasia Kindness. When the policy matures, Eddy’s children will be able to use the funds for their education when they are older.

This article was first published in theAsianparent.