Mum punches glass panel on train during dispute with commuter: "You want to fight ah?"

PHOTO: Facebook/Singapore Incidents

Commuting can be a stressful experience, especially when you have people blasting music or dropping phones on your leg.

A woman, who had her daughter in a pram, was caught on camera having a heated exchange with a commuter on a train.

It is unclear when or where exactly the incident occurred.

A video of the altercation went viral after being posted All Singapore Stuff on Friday (March 8), though it has since been removed.

The video starts off with the woman, who was sitting on a priority seat, arguing with the commuter standing next to her.

"You want to fight, fight lah, dun talk so much"

Posted by Singapore Incidents onĀ Thursday, March 7, 2019

"You just now, I was supposed to put here, then after that you cross over my freaking daughter to stand here," said the woman while gesturing animatedly.

The dispute escalated when the woman stood up and exclaimed: "Why, you want to fight ah? You want to fight, you say, don't talk so much. You want to fight, you say."

She then punched a glass panel on the train and added: "Don't force me, really."