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'My heart is more shattered than ever': Influencer Melissa Koh pays moving tribute to late son

'My heart is more shattered than ever': Influencer Melissa Koh pays moving tribute to late son
Influencer Melissa Koh and husband James Chen at the funeral of their son Asher, who died at 21 months in early April.
PHOTO: PHOTO: Melissackoh/Instagram

SINGAPORE – Influencer Melissa Koh, whose 21-month-old son Asher died in early April, has shared a touching post dedicated to him.

In her first Instagram update in about two weeks, she posted a photo of her and her husband, photographer James Chen, in front of a small white coffin.

She wrote: “They said, ‘It was a beautiful send-off’, but that was something I’ve never wanted to do, nor ever prepared myself for.”

“Nothing makes sense of why you aren’t here anymore,” she added, writing that she could still feel and hear Asher around her.

The baby, who was born on June 17, 2021, had two major operations before he was a month old, including open-heart surgery the day after he was born.

“My heart is more shattered than ever, but I can only look forward to the day I get to hold and kiss you again. Twenty-one months of pure bliss and joy, but all gone too soon. You were the light of my life, you were my whole heart,” wrote Koh, 33, who has an older son Noah, three, and is expecting another baby.

The lifestyle influencer, who has more than 270,000 followers on Instagram, frequently shares photos of her family and had posted a series of happy photos as well as a poem on grief after his death.

She ended her heartbreaking post with: “Be free of all suffering now, my sweet angel. I love you beyond words.”


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