My way or the highway: Wife cannot stand quarrel on PIE anymore, dives out of car

PHOTO: Google Maps

A fight between husband and wife got so unbearable for the missus that she exited the car while it was cruising on the expressway.

Diving out of a moving car -- even one containing an insufferable spouse -- is never advisable. The 46-year-old woman met the consequences -- she hit her head and received numerous abrasions.

The dramatic couple dispute happened over the Chinese New Year holidays on the morning of Feb 6. The car was travelling on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) towards Tuas, with the woman exiting near the Upper Jurong Road exit.

It is not known what the middle-aged Chinese couple were arguing about, but the 51-year-old man obviously could not stop his wife in time.

After she jumped, he immediately stopped to help her. She was bleeding from the head and the Singapore Civil Defence Force confirmed to Lianhe Wanbao that an ambulance was dispatched to the scene.

The woman is believed to be hospitalised at the National University Hospital.

Her husband is assisting the police with investigations.