The NDP 2018 song is out, and it's a little surprising

NDP songs are a yearly tradition but it might be safe to say that none has gotten been quite as memorable as Kit Chan and Dick Lee's Home way back in 1998. That's 20 years ago, folks, if you weren't keeping count.

Making a bid for hallowed grounds is the new 2018 song and it's familiar territory; local indie singer-songwriter Charlie Lim revamped the 1987 classic We Are Singapore by adding a self-penned prelude that features phrases that are highly relatable in a 2018 context, such as "If all that we are is what we believe Then I know I've got to be the change I want to see".

Starring in the video is a whole host of contemporary local stars such as rapper Kevin Lester aka TheLionCityBoy, jazz chanteuse Joanna Dong, and singer Aisyah Aziz. Other notable personalities we spotted include popular embroidery artist Teresa Lim (@teeteeheehee).

The song is also stylistically improved over recent editions - not surprising, given that Apprentice director Boo Jun Feng was responsible for the overall creative direction, though it was directed by award-winning director Wee Li Lin, who's one of Singapore's pioneer female filmmakers.

Watch on to decide if the old favourite has been bettered or whether it should have just been left as is.

This article was first published on Female