NDP 2019 all-star theme song: They forgot to call these Singaporeans

PHOTO: Facebook/ Rui En, Instagram/ nathanhartono, Instagram/ preetipls

This year's National Day Parade (NDP) theme song is the most ambitious crossover event yet.

Reminiscent of Michael Jackson's We Are The World, a total of 300 Singaporeans - including 27 musicians - across different generations were assembled to film Our Singapore (2019), taking 12 hours to shoot the whole thing.

Old is also gold for this year's song as they brought out the time machine and came up with a new take on timeless NDP songs We Will Get There and Our Singapore (2015).

But take a closer look at the music video and you may realise that some of our local stars are not in it.

Here's who we think should have been included in this star-studded line-up. 


Why didn't Tanya Chua make an appearance in this song? The three-time Golden Melody Awards best female singer previously sang not one but two NDP songs, Moments of Magic and Where I Belong, but failed to even cameo in this video. 

When Lianhe Zaobao reached out to director Royston Tan for comment, he referred the questions to the NDP committee instead. Guess those lips are staying shut. 

Another notable alumnus snubbed was Mavis Hee, who sang 2000's Shine On Me.

Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah made it, but not his partner from 2005's Reach Out for the Skies, the popular actress Rui En.

A missed chance for them to recreate the sick dance moves from this song. 


Being handpicked to sing an NDP song would be the highlight of a career to most local musicians out there and we're wondering why some of our favourites were not included this year.

Sezairi Sezali is one case. The season 3 winner of Singapore Idol has enjoyed success in his career and also just returned with a new song

However, he has not been given the chance to sing his own NDP song - even runner-up Sylvia Ratonel had hers back in 2011.  

Second runner-up Tabitha Nauser lent her voice to the 2010 Youth Olympics and the 2015 SEA Games. Maybe she can be next in line for an NDP song as well?

No Nathan, you are not irrelevant. 

Nathan Hartono, absent from this year's video, made Singapore proud in 2016 by finishing second on mega singing competition Sing! China.

We love Joanna Dong, but she finished third on (a different season of) Sing! China and appears in the video, leading us to wonder what the qualities of an NDP singer are. 


Swimmers Ang Peng Siong (L) and Joseph Schooling.Photo: Screengrab/YouTube

While swimmers Joseph Schooling and Ang Peng Siong made a small cameo in the video, we wish Nominated Member of Parliament Yip Pin Xiu showed up as well. 

The triple Paralympic gold medallist has broken world records at swim meets around the world, putting Singapore on the world map.


Finally, how could they forget NDP's top fan? Local influencer Preetipls claims to be Singapore's top Singaporean after all. 

With her wicked sense of humour, even if Singapore's top influencer did not get to mingle at this year's NDP video shoot, we think she should have the opportunity to add her own style of Chinese subtitles.

Who else do you think should have received the call for this year's NDP song? Let us know!