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Netizens unimpressed by video of funeral company car's 'braking game' that led to crash

Netizens unimpressed by video of funeral company car's 'braking game' that led to crash
PHOTO: Facebook/SGRVigilante

A local funeral services company is catching some heat following a dashcam clip that has been shared widely.

The backlash came after a Maserati bearing the logo of After Life Funeral Planner was spotted overtaking a car and braking suddenly, resulting in a collision. The footage was uploaded by Facebook page SG Road Vigilante (SGRV) on Wednesday (Aug 5).

However, After Life Funeral Planner said today (Aug 6) that the incident has been resolved, and threatened legal action against those "stirring up false allegations".

The three-minute-long clip of the incident shows the recording vehicle overtaking two of After Life Funeral Planner's vehicles — a Maserati and a Mercedes-Benz — before turning into Keppel Road and falling behind them again.

It eventually overtakes both vehicles once more before the Maserati cuts in front of it on the slip road to the Ayer Rajah Expressway.

The Maserati then brakes suddenly and the car with the dashcam collides with it.

Unloading a string of Hokkien expletives, the Maserati driver gets out of his car and approaches the other party.

He also tells his three passengers, who have also exited the vehicle: "Claim him, claim him. Take a picture."

As the Maserati driver and his passengers circle the car, a fifth man walks to the front of the car as he wraps what appears to be a belt around his knuckles and shouts at the driver whose car is recording the affair. 

As the driver protests, saying "You can't say it like that," one of the men circling his car retorts, "You want to talk? Come down from your car and talk."

Barely a minute later, the Maserati driver and his passengers pile into their vehicle and drive off.

The string of events had netizens fuming, with many accusing the Maserati's driver of playing a "braking game" and acting aggressively.

In response to the backlash, After Life Funeral Planner told AsiaOne that the incident happened "long ago" and has been resolved.

The video was posted online "out of revenge", they said.

"The public should not comment untruthful things just by looking at the video footage."

Following this, AsiaOne has not been able to reach the company for further queries. 

Commenting on SGRV's post, After Life Funeral Planner also said commenters were "stirring up false allegations" and added that they would take legal action against "whoever posted false allegations about the driver and company".

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