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No camera, no problem: Recruit makes detailed illustrations of BMT life in Pulau Tekong

No camera, no problem: Recruit makes detailed illustrations of BMT life in Pulau Tekong
Asher Ong's sketches are scenes that will be familiar to those who have served a part of their National Service at Pulau Tekong.
PHOTO: Facebook/ BMTC

When it comes to documenting your most precious moments, a trusty camera is all you need.

But in a place like Pulau Tekong where taking pictures with a mobile phone camera is not allowed, recruit Asher Ong has been sketching detailed monochrome illustrations, documenting his foundational military training.

In a Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) Facebook post on Tuesday (Aug 31), netizens are given a glimpse of his craft from a few pages of his notebook.


The 21-year-old's sketches are scenes that will be familiar to many who have experienced National Service on this offshore island.

The post had over 1,400 likes and almost 1000 shares, with most netizens praising his artwork. 

The Nanyang Polytechnic School of Design and Media graduate also has a knack of capturing scenes on the island that one might not notice. They are also captioned with his own observations on his Instagram profile

More highlights of Ong's work include sketches of his training notes as a learning recruit.  

The level of detail that went into his illustrations has netizens feeling impressed. 

In the same post by BMTC, Ong said sketching his life in Pulau Tekong has helped him "slow down and appreciate the aspects of BMT.”

The recruit from Leopard Company said: "It keeps me focused on the purpose of my training for myself, my community, my nation.

"One thing I've learnt through drawing is that there are so many interesting and beautiful things about the Army." 

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