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No chance? TikToker pleads for leniency after receiving fine for smoking at bus stop shelter

No chance? TikToker pleads for leniency after receiving fine for smoking at bus stop shelter
PHOTO: TikTok/james.singapore

[Update Nov 1] In response to AsiaOne's queries, the National Environmental Agency (NEA) has clarified that the allegations about quotas for issuing tickets are "not true".

"NEA enforcement officers represent the State in upholding the rule of law, and are trained to carry out their duties in a professional and firm manner."

It added, "Our enforcement officers put themselves on the frontline and through their course of work, they encounter some individuals who may, when confronted, may react in defiance or denial. Some may even vent their frustration or anger."

The agency has also urged members of the public to refrain from taking videos of such situations, as it may "escalate the confrontation unnecessarily".

Despite knowing that he broke the law by smoking at a prohibited area, a man tried to plead his case with enforcement officers from the National Environmental Agency (NEA) but with little success. 

On Wednesday (Oct 27), TikTok user James.Singapore uploaded a video showing himself in a minor confrontation with NEA enforcement officers.

In the 81-second-long video, he tells the enforcement officers, "Brother, I tell you already, I smoke at here [sic] is my fault." He explained that he only did so because he was "having [a] fever". 

Within a day, the video has gained more than 350,000 views, and almost 1,900 comments. 



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Sounding a little indignant about being fined, the TikToker asked the enforcement officers, "First time everyone got a chance [sic], but I don't know why you don't want to give me [a] chance." 

The NEA officers nod at him, but didn't relent. 

After repeating himself several times, the man seemingly gave up towards the end, saying, "Maybe you want to hit quota or what, I don't know la, okay, never mind." 

He also posted another TikTok on the same day, showing a photograph of the fine that he received. The photograph had a text overlay which read: "I smoke at bus stop shelter strike $200 [fine], please be careful while smoking." 

In the comments, netizens didn't agree with him. Some reprimanded the TikToker for smoking despite his fever, while others felt that his fever wasn't an excuse to smoke under the shelter. 

According to NEA regulations, smoking is prohibited at bus stops, bus shelters and bus poles, including any area within a five metre radius. 

Offenders who are caught smoking in prohibited areas are liable to a composition sum of $200, or up to $1,000 if convicted in court. 

AsiaOne has reached out to NEA for comment. 

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