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No joke: 3 men in hazmat suits arrested for public nuisance at cosplay event

No joke: 3 men in hazmat suits arrested for public nuisance at cosplay event

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In their white hazmat suits, they didn't look out of place at Cosfest XVIII.

After all, most attendants were cosplaying their favourite characters from anime series and video games at the event held at Downtown East on Sunday (July 21).

But the trio started wreaking havoc - destroying works on display, spraying an unknown substance, and handing out 'pervert' cards to people at the cosplay event.

So the event organiser called the security on them.

The pranksters, aged between 17 and 25, were subsequently arrested by the cops for public nuisance.



We all love a piping hot bowl of instant noodles — our pantries are always stocked with a packet or two for those late-night hunger pangs.

So imagine our shock when a group of girls in an Indonesian supermarket went around crushing packets of Mie Sedap and Indomie like it was Mamee Monster noodles.

What they thought was just a bit of lark to share on Instagram stories? The stunt could actually land them in trouble.

Although the clip disappeared after 24 hours, savvy social media users called them out for the act of mischief and have been urging them to apologise for their stunt.


Simon Yam survived a recent knife attack and he may have his belly fat to thank for that.

According to an emergency department doctor in Taiwan, the area where the Hong Kong actor was wounded is full of organs that would bleed profusely when injured.

One example is the aorta, which would have caused him to bleed to death in mere minutes if it was severed.

A person's abdominal wall may range from 3cm to 10cm thick and provides some sort of obstruction when pierced by sharp objects.

Does that mean that those with beer bellies will be better protected when stabbed? Not if the weapon is very long, the doctor said.

You don't say, doc.

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