No joke: Joss paper face masks on sale for hungry ghosts in Singapore

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Joss paper face masks on sale for hungry ghosts

Masking up is mandatory in Singapore, even if you're a spirit visiting your descendants during the seventh month — also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Which is why this shop in Tampines is selling paper face masks for those who'd like to burn them as offerings to the dead.

Ghost month coming soon, anyone need mask can pm me 😜

Posted by Chris Goh on Sunday, August 16, 2020

And yes, in case you were wondering, the words on the packaging really does say they're meant for your ancestors.

While the Hungry Ghost Festival starts today, here's to wondering if the spirits are currently stuck on a 14-day stay-home notice.

Pokemon Go trainer, 56, arrested for assaulting fellow trainer

PHOTO: Niantic

Pokemon Go is serious business.

Things got heated between two middle-aged uncles in Hokkaido, Japan, as they fought for control of a Pokemon gym in-game. One of them lost his cool and attacked the other.

The 56-year-old allegedly grabbed the victim, 55, by his shirt through the window of his car and kicked his side-view mirror.

The outcome of their pocket monster battle isn't known, but for now, the police have caught the offender in their pokeball.

Cat falls from the sky and crashes into old man, his dog sought revenge

Like a bolt from the blue, a cat in Harbin, China, fell out of the sky and crash-landed on a passing old man, knocking him out and onto the ground.

On CCTV footage, the man's loyal goldie is seen going after the furry culprit, cornering it and batting it a couple of times with its boot-clad paws.

Fortunately, the elderly man is doing fine after 23 days in the hospital, save for requiring a neck brace. Compensation discussions are still underway with the cat's owner.