'This is not his grandfather's road': Cyclist refuses to give way to car at Tampines car park, gets slammed online

'This is not his grandfather's road': Cyclist refuses to give way to car at Tampines car park, gets slammed online
Cyclist refusing to give way to a car entering a car park at Tampines Avenue 4.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

One side of the car park had been closed for road works.

A car was entering on the right side. Suddenly, a man on a bicycle came in the opposite direction and headed right for the car, causing the driver to suddenly brake.

Then the standoff started. The driver waited for the cyclist to give way, the cyclist wanted the driver to back up. Neither side would budge.

The incident took place at around 5.50pm on Tuesday (April 9) in a car park at Tampines Avenue 4 and was captured on the driver's dashcam. The footage was later posted on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page.

In the video, the cyclist can be seen gesturing angrily at the driver to reverse.

When the driver does not budge, the cyclist whips out his phone to take a picture of the vehicle's licence plate.

Meanwhile, the construction workers nearby step in to try and de-escalate the situation by advising the cyclist to pass through a gap on the left side of the vehicle.

However, he waves them off and stands his ground. 

During the impasse, two other cyclists can be seen weaving past the left side of the car. But a motorcycle and another car are stuck behind the cyclist. 

At this point, the construction workers remove some of the cones so the vehicles can pass through. 

About a minute later, the cyclist finally relents and makes way for the driver, but continues glaring at the latter as he rode past the car. 

The video has since gone viral, garnering 163,000 views and 1,400 comments, with most netizens slamming the cyclist's irrational behaviour.

One said: "What a horrendous cyclist... this is not his grandfather's road. This person is like one who thinks he owns the entire road."

"Road works, just go around the car, what's the fuss?" another added. 

Some praised the construction workers for stepping in to resolve the dispute.

"Kudos to [the] workers who [were] trying to defuse the situation," a netizen said.

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