Not a scam: Police says letter of traffic offence in online photo is real

PHOTO: Singapore Police Force

There has been a warning about scammers targeting drivers with a Notice of Traffic Offence (NTO) circulating online and on messaging platforms.

The message is accompanied by a photo of the NTO along with the text "Scam tricking you to pay fine via a QR code.. there is no mention on the date/time and location of the offence. Please don't blur blur and scan the QR code to pay...".

Except, the NTO isn't a scam, according to the police.

In a media release on Saturday (May 8), the police confirmed the authenticity of the NTO and said that these notices are sent to road users who commit compoundable traffic offences. They added that further details of the traffic offence committed can be found on subsequent pages of the NTO, a point left out of the circulated post.

People who receive an NTO may visit this link to verify details of the traffic offences and fines.

The police also advised members of the public not to spread unverified information and to check with official sources if they are in doubt over the authenticity of the information received.