With nothing left to give, elderly McDonald's staff gifts watch to volunteer as thanks

PHOTO: Facebook/Sheena Ling

Despite being hard hit by circuit breaker measures, this auntie is proving that kindness is a gift that everyone can afford. 

In a Facebook post yesterday (April 29), Sheena Ling recounted her latest meeting with the elderly woman.

While Ling usually receives a drink for helping to deliver groceries to the senior's home, this time, the auntie presented her with an unusual gift. 

The simple $20 watch she gave away might not mean much to many, but to Ling, it meant so much more than a branded watch.  

This little macdonalds auntie here with her deaf and mute sister behind. I wrote about her previously and her short...

Posted by Sheena Ling on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

In order to comply with circuit breaker measures, the place that provided the auntie and her unemployed deaf-mute sister with free meals was forced to temporarily shutter. 

Since then, Ling has taken on the mantle of delivering groceries to her door.

However, the senior had run out of drinks to give Ling after she had to stop work because McDonald's recently closed its doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Instead, she came out of her room with a brand new watch. This watch was a gift from Macdonalds [sic] to her when she hit her fifth year of working with them," Ling wrote.

PHOTO: Facebook/Sheena Ling

Despite the senior's attempts at brushing off the gesture, saying: "Take it. I don't use. I can't see also it's so small." Ling noted how the auntie was still able to tell the time on the watch in an attempt to assure her that the watch was still working.

Ling first met the elderly woman several months ago. When she saw her in February, the auntie had just recovered from a case of shingles.

Despite the pain, she was more concerned if Ling was able to buy groceries as many shoppers were clearing supermarket shelves while panic buying. The senior also expressed worries that she wouldn't be able to feed herself and her sister. 

"Auntie doesn't earn enough to get by. She could have, I don't know, sold the watch. But she gave it to me. I couldn't take it," Ling wrote. "Then I saw her face beaming away, and I knew I had to take it. I told myself to get a grip, let this be about her giving, and not about me deserving it or not." 

The auntie's generosity touched not just Ling, but numerous netizens. The post went viral overnight, gathering over 5,400 shares. Support and praise for both parties also came pouring in.

PHOTOS: Screengrab/Facebook

After Ling's post made its rounds online, several people have stepped forward offering their assistance to the sisters.


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