NSF recruit who became legend wasn't that fit

The NSF recruit who was pronounced a legend wasn't always this buff and fit. At the beginning of his journey at Pulau Tekong, his fitness standard wasn't there and he even fell sick on his first week.

23-year-old NSF Specialist Cadet Muhammad Imran Bin Azeman sparked conversation and meme-creation among netizens ever since a photo of him went viral on Facebook.

Imran's friends and family used to call him "galah" which also means "bamboo pole".

He got involved in rugby since he was 13 years old and only bulked up after starting on his Higher Nitec course in Sport Management.

PHOTO: Stomp

At this time, Imran was hitting the gym about four to five times a week.

While it may look like he can push the earth down and pull it back up with each push up, Imran apparently struggled at the beginning of his journey at Pulau Tekong.

The legend's fitness standard was not there and he even had a fever in the first week.

He ultimately lost 10kg in three weeks, gave up on his favourite Double McSpicy burger and can show you how he manages 60 push ups in one minute.

Imran credits his family and his platoon commander for all the progress he has made.

His family would support him through text messages on WhatsApp, asking if he's safe and whether he's doing well. His brother even gave him some tips on how to excel during Basic Military Training.

His platoon commander, who was the one presenting the rifle to him in the viral photo, encouraged him by telling him to push himself and be fit.

Was Imran born swole? What’s his diet and fitness regime? How exactly did he shed 10kg during Basic Military Training?...

Posted by Ministry of Defence, Singapore (MINDEF) on Friday, September 20, 2019