Nurses film own antics at animal clinic, animal lovers demand action

Nurses film own antics at animal clinic, animal lovers demand action

Ohana VetCare, a veterinary clinic in Pasir Ris, has come under fire after a series of videos depicting two of their nurses mishandling their patients went viral on Facebook and Instagram.

The clips were originally filmed and uploaded onto Instagram by the nurses themselves. Although they were removed, along with their accounts, they have since been reposted onto multiple social media platforms by angered netizens.

One of the videos shows the duo throwing a dog's castrated testicles around the clinic. One of the nurses is even seen juggling them.

Another video captured one of them clapping loudly next to a cat that had its ears removed due to an infection, seemingly to mock it. 

In yet another clip, one of the nurses filmed herself handling a rabbit's scrotum and laughing.

In response to the public outcry, Ohana VetCare released two statements on their Facebook page.

In an initial statement, the owners of the clinic cited the nurses' young age and immaturity as the reason behind their actions. Therefore, instead of dismissing them, Ohana VetCare would be taking disciplinary action.

That statement has since been taken down and replaced with another that updated that the nurses have been suspended.


Netizens have been unappeased so far and called for heavier punishment. 

Many found the nurses highly unethical and unprofessional, expressing their disappointment towards the way they handled the animals. 

Some also raised concerns over the level of hygiene in the clinic, questioning how the nurses were allowed to handle the testicles with their bare hands and whether the clinic was properly sterilised.

The Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) told AsiaOne that they are aware of the incident and added: "The veterinary profession is expected to perform their duties to the highest standard and also ensure their staff do so. The behaviour of the nurses as seen in the videos raises questions on their professionalism, and AVS is looking into this case."

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