Ong Ye Kung and PAP's new face, Xie Yao Quan, are cousins

PHOTO: The New Paper, The Straits Times

While speaking with the media at the PAP's Gambas branch, where he had gathered with the other members of his Sembawang GRC team, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung revealed that he and PAP new candidate, Xie Yao Quan, are cousins, reported The Straits Times.

"Our mothers are sisters, we used to play as kids," he said.

Xie, 35, is part of the line-up that's set to contest in Jurong GRC.

"I have not seen him for many many years. He used to call me kor he calls me Min Ong," Ong told reporters.

As for any advice he had for Xie, he said: "Work hard, do your best, be humble, show residents that you care."