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Over the top? SDA uses measuring tape to make sure people are keeping 1 metre apart

Over the top? SDA uses measuring tape to make sure people are keeping 1 metre apart
PHOTO: Screengrab from TikTok/emiey1992

Safe distancing ambassadors (SDAs) remind us to abide by Covid-19 regulations when we're out and about.

One of the rules requires us to keep a one-metre distance from each other, and an SDA appears to have cracked the code on how to perform the job accurately. 

In a viral TikTok video shared by emiey1992 on Monday (July 26), the SDA in question was perfectly dressed for work.


Di mana" ada tali inci ya,tak boleh nak lawan dah sama Pokémon ??? ##fypシ ##tetapkuat

♬ original sound - Mama Muda?

With the red uniform shirt and face mask on, he walked by Paya Lebar MRT station with an extended measuring tape in hand. 

Throughout the 22-second clip, he was seen gesturing to those around him and making sure everyone was keeping at least a metre apart.

From the look of things, he was performing his job to a T. Those he had spoken to adhered to his requests as he trundled along, looking for similar offenders.

The clip was soon reposted on social media and netizens swooped in with different opinions on the SDA's unconventional approach.

Some netizens saw nothing wrong with what the SDA was doing in the video, given that reminding others of safe distancing is part of his responsibilities.

They reasoned that the measuring tape helped him do his job efficiently and a netizen even joked that he's due for a promotion.

Several netizens said they understood why some people found the SDA's method of enforcement odd and over the top.

However, one netizen was not amused by the clip and mentioned how some SDAs took advantage of their position.

On Instagram, a netizen posted a simple question with the perfect emoji to match.

From the number of likes the comment garnered, it's clear that many Singaporeans share similar sentiments. 

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