Overreacting or not? Visitor blames Singapore Zoo staff after gate closes on his child

Overreacting or not? Visitor blames Singapore Zoo staff after gate closes on his child
PHOTO: TikTok/Screengrab/Pavel Semenov

Parents are protective of their children but when one Singapore Zoo visitor voiced his concerns online, he sparked a debate on whether he was just blowing matters out of proportion.

Taking to TikTok last Sunday (May 28), Pavel Semenov, 40, shared about a negative experience he had at the zoo.

The minute-long video first showed a staff scanning tickets to open a gate for the man's family.

While Semenov was pushing a twin stroller carrying his three children, the gate's doors suddenly swung inwards and brushed one of his daughter's outstretched arms.

Questioning if "this is normal", the Russian national blamed the zoo for "hiring staff with no basic skills".

"How can I keep my children safe from what people do?" he asked.

The video has since garnered over 350,000 views on TikTok.

In the comments section, several netizens said that Semenov was overreacting over the incident.

Other netizens agreed with Semenov's reason for posting the video. 

"I agree with your frustration and perhaps the gate should have some time limit or sensor," one of them wrote. 

"Why are all the comments so horrendous?" another asked. "Accidents happen, and this may happen more often in the future to others too."

In an interview with AsiaOne on Tuesday, Semenov said that his daughter did not need to see a doctor following the incident.

But the father of six, who moved to Singapore in 2021, added that he feared the worst after the accident.

"I suspected a possible crack in the bone or a bruised joint, but by the morning there were no bruises or complaints," Semenov said, adding that he would not be lodging a complaint with the zoo.

"I have little faith that they will actually test the system, find exactly what the problem is and fix it."

When asked about the public reactions to his TikTok video, Semenov shared that he's simply concerned about his child's safety.

"It's not a complaint, but an attempt to draw attention of other parents to the problem," he said.

AsiaOne has contacted Mandai Wildlife Group for comment.

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