'Parasites of our society': Owner of illegally-parked car takes revenge on another car at Sentosa

'Parasites of our society': Owner of illegally-parked car takes revenge on another car at Sentosa
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

A man was recently caught on camera pulling up the wiper of a guest's car parked at Sofitel Sentosa, and breaking the blade. 

The owner of the vandalised car, who didn't share his name, shared a footage of the incident to SG Road Vigilante Facebook page on Friday (Dec 29)

The incident which took place on Dec 11 happened after the car owner parked their car at Sofitel, where they were staying. 

This car owner said that a valet from the hotel had directed them to one of the reserved lots at the hotel.

Despite poles placed at the lots to prevent unauthorised cars parked at the hotel, the car owner said that there was a car parked illegally between the poles, cutting across two lots. 

"The valet assured me that it's fine and he will inform me if the owner arrived," the car owner said.

But little did they know, that the driver would make a scene soon after. 

The car owner was later notified by a staff member from the reception counter that the owner of the illegally-parked car has damaged his wiper. 

He then went to his car and immediately confronted the driver but "he was non-apologetic and claims he just lifted the wiper". 

"This self-entitled gentleman was earlier warned by them not to park illegally. However, he ignored them and proceeded to park anyway," the car owner added.


The footage captured from the car's dashboard camera showed the driver with an umbrella in the pouring rain, aggressively lifting the wiper and then smacking the blade.

The wiper can be seen slightly bent from the impact of the hit. 

The car owner said that the driver continued to deny the damage done even though three of the hotel employees witnessed the incident. 

The latter's wife stepped in as well, requesting the car owner not to make a police report as it was vengeful and that their religion doesn't advocate for it. 

Furious by her response, the car owner said: "These parasites of our society has to learn the hard way to know the world is not beneath them."

The car owner posted that a police report has been lodged.

In response to AsiaOne's queries, the police confirm that a report was lodged.

AsiaOne has reached out to Sofitel Singapore for comment. 

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