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Pasir Ris residents mourn death of community cat seen bleeding and later found buried

Pasir Ris residents mourn death of community cat seen bleeding and later found buried
PHOTO: Instagram/gingerthecatsg

There has been an outpouring of grief for a community cat found dead in Pasir Ris.

Ginger, also known as Murtabak, has been well known in the area for a decade.

It had its own Instagram page where tributes and reminiscences have poured in. There was even a poem from one fan.

Flowers and notes have been left where the cat was found dead on Feb 18.


According to a detailed timeline published online by Mothership , Ginger was last seen alive and well the previous evening when it was fed by one of the local residents.

In the morning, another resident saw the cat lying nearby and assumed it was sleeping.

A cleaner at the HDB block then told a domestic helper that he had seen the cat bleeding, but later it couldn’t be found.


Some of the residents went looking for Ginger that afternoon.

Close to where the cleaner had seen the wounded cat, they found Ginger’s collar and a tuft of what looked like its fur.

The collar had a tag with the name and phone number of one of the cat’s caretakers, who was quoted as saying she had not received any call.

Another neighbour had earlier asked for a shovel to bury a dead cat, apparently without realising it was Ginger.

A group of residents soon found the spot and dug up the body. They also found a trail of blood.

The body was taken away by the National Parks Board the same day, for an autopsy.

Among the posts on Instagram was a picture showing paw prints. Apparently Ginger had walked across some wet concrete near the letterbox and left a lasting mark. Just as it seems to have done in the hearts of many people.


This article was first published in The New Paper.

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