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Passenger bruised during bus ride: Go-Ahead apologises, says bus captain applied brakes to avoid collision

Passenger bruised during bus ride: Go-Ahead apologises, says bus captain applied brakes to avoid collision
A passenger was left with bruises after a bus driver allegedly slammed his brakes at a red light.
PHOTO: The Straits Times file, Instagram/Sgfollowsall

A passenger was left with multiple bruises on his back and legs after a bus driver allegedly jammed the brakes multiple times during the ride. 

The injured passenger made an anonymous complaint to Sgfollowsall on Wednesday (Oct 18), saying she boarded bus service 43M from the bus stop near Block 138 Serangoon North Avenue 2. 

Bus service 43M is managed by Go-Ahead Singapore. The bus service travels through Punggol, Sengkang, Buangkok and Upper Serangoon. 

"Halfway through the journey, the bus driver jammed the brake at the red light and a lot of the passengers were thrown forward," recounted the passenger. 

"I was seated and was flung out of my seat. I knocked my back on the seat in front of me and leg on the steps of the seats." 


The passenger also claimed that another female passenger also hurt her hand when the vehicle abruptly came to a halt. Others onboard also "screamed" because of the impact, he shared. 

However, despite the passengers getting injured, "the bus driver did not even stop or ask if anybody was hurt", said this complainant. 

She added that she wrote in to Go-Ahead Singapore after the incident, but has yet to receive a response from the transit company. 

"Hopefully, drivers can be more patient and bother checking with passengers if they obviously were reckless in driving," she wrote in the post. 

Bus driver braked to avoid collision: Go-Ahead

In response to AsiaOne's queries, a spokesperson from Go-Ahead Singapore said that they were aware of an incident involving bus service 43M on Oct 8. 

The transit company explained that the bus captain was travelling along Buangkok Green and had applied the brakes to avoid a collision with a private vehicle. 

"He immediately checked on the wellbeing of his passengers and received one response from a passenger that she was fine, thus subsequently continuing the journey," they said in a written statement. 

"We apologise for the hurt and inconvenience caused to the affected passengers and are in contact with them to provide our assistance." 

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