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Passenger faints on Singapore Airlines flight, knocking down 2 cabin crew

Passenger faints on Singapore Airlines flight, knocking down 2 cabin crew
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

A Singapore Airlines flight on Tuesday (April 11) experienced some mid-air drama after a passenger fainted on the aisle.

The woman, who became unwell during the flight from Sydney to Singapore, also hit a food trolley that knocked down two cabin crew.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, a passenger, surnamed Pu, said that the incident happened around three hours into the flight at around 1pm local time. 

"We had just finished our first meal. While the cabin crew was clearing the trays, we saw that her colleague had fallen over," the 41-year-old pet groomer said, adding that an announcement on the plane asked if there was a doctor among the passengers.

"The cabin also took the medical kit and walked towards the direction where the stewardess fell."

Pu said that he later saw a female passenger lying on the aisle, adding that the cabin crew urged curious passengers crowding around to return to their seats.

"After the passenger received medical assistance for a period of time, she sat on the aisle to rest, and then returned to her seat," said Pu.

In another incident during the flight, Pu shared that those on board thought that the cabin crew had fallen over due to a moving food trolley.

But he later learnt that the cabin crew was knocked down after the passenger fainted and bumped into the food trolley.


Affected cabin crew continued duties after fall: SIA

Responding to Shin Min Daily News' queries, Singapore Airlines said that a passenger became unwell on flight SQ232 from Sydney to Singapore and was provided with medical assistance while on board.

A subsequent assessment determined the passenger was fit to continue with the rest of the journey, but was advised to seek medical attention after reaching Singapore.

Two members of its cabin crew fell as a result of the incident, according to Singapore Airlines.

"The affected cabin crew did not sustain any injuries from the incident, and were able to continue with their duties for the remainder of the flight."

Another recent incident on SIA flight 

In another recent incident on a Singapore Airlines flight, flight crew had to tell several passengers to "take a seat" after they rushed to retrieve their luggage while plane was still taxiing.

Speaking to Stomp last August, a passenger, surnamed Chan, was irked upon witnessing the group's behaviour on a flight from Bangkok to Singapore.

"It's my first time seeing such behaviour on a flight. I was shocked at the passengers' impatience and flagrant breaking of rules," he said.

According to SIA's website, necessary measures may be taken against passengers who endanger the aircraft or anyone on board, behave in an offensive manner, or fail to comply with instructions from the crew.

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