Passenger of passing car yells at man walking along PIE, gets called out for being rude

PHOTO: Facebook/Sg Road Vigilante 

Getting lost in an unfamiliar place happens to us sometimes.

This man, however, tried to find his way home while walking in a dangerous place — the expressway.

After spotting him walking along the road shoulder of Pan-Island Expressway on Tuesday (Dec 13), the passenger of a passing car felt the need to warn him.

In a Facebook video posted on Wednesday, the car was seen pulling up to the man so the passenger could talk to him.

"Hello, you can't walk on the expressway like that, it's dangerous! You're endangering everyone on the road," the passenger warned in Mandarin. 

The man, who appeared to be checking the map on his mobile phone, explained that he "was trying to find his way home". 

"The cars will wait for me," he said as he continued walking. 

However, the passenger carried on shouting at the man, telling him "you're very bad" while someone else in the car threatened to call the police. 

When the passenger reiterated to him that pedestrians aren't allowed to walk on the expressway, the man acknowledged it was dangerous and said he had taken a wrong turn. 

The passenger then told him that if he lost his way, he should just "walk back to where [he] came from". 

Exasperated, the lost man asked the passenger if he should "jump off the bridge" instead, to which the passenger responded with a "yes". 

After calling the passenger "crazy", the man walked off again while the passenger shouted "you're the crazy one" after him. 

The lost man then taunted the car to knock him down before resuming his walk. 

Not everyone agreed with how the passenger handled the situation.

In the comments, many said the passenger was too harsh on the man, who appeared to be a foreigner. 

Several of them said the passenger could have been nicer during the exchange, with some pointing out that he could have given the lost man a lift to the next exit.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Sg Road Vigilante 

Another pointed out that by stopping along the expressway, the car was endangering other road users too. 

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Sg Road Vigilante 

Others felt that one should adhere to traffic rules, regardless of their nationality.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Sg Road Vigilante 

According to the Road Traffic (Expressway Traffic) rules, no person shall at any time while on foot go or remain on any part of an expressway not being a footway. 

In 2017, another man was found wandering around the expressway. 

But instead of scolding him, one motorcyclist stopped to check if he needed help.

It turned out, the elderly man had taken a bus and missed his stop.

While finding his way back, he tried to walk in the direction of a bridge but ended up on the expressway instead. 

Seeing that the man was in danger, the man gave the elderly man a ride to his destination.

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