Passengers from hell vomit in GrabCar, bite driver and steal dashcam

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

There are difficult passengers. And then there are passengers from hell.

Police are investigating a case where three errant passengers vomited in a GrabCar, shouted at the driver, bit him and stole his in-car camera in the wee hours of Feb 9.

The driver, who remains unnamed, told the police that he picked up three passengers, two men and a woman, at Prinsep Street at 12.40am, according to a copy of the report shared on Facebook.

Just 10 minutes into the ride, which was headed for Jurong West Street 81, one of the male passengers who was sitting in the back vomited.

When the driver informed the group that they would have to pay a cleaning fee, the second male passenger began to act out.

He started raising his voice and swearing. Then, he got physical, pulling and shouting into the driver's left ear while he was driving.

The driver also felt pain in his upper left arm but was "unable to determine" the cause as he was driving at the time. It turned out to be a bite that left a mark and some bruising, he said.

The abuse continued until the driver finally arrived at the original destination at 1.10am.

But his ordeal was not over.

As the woman who was sitting in the front seat removed his in-car camera, the man who had attacked him earlier demanded that he send the third passenger to Jurong West Street 71.

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He obliged and explained that he did not make a police report at the time as he was "afraid they would do something" to him.

Before the third passenger alighted, the driver managed to obtain his contact details, hoping to get his camera back.

He was renting the vehicle in order to work as a private hire driver, he said.

He made a police report later that morning and had the wound on his arm treated at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital's emergency department.

A Grab spokesperson told AsiaOne that the company is aware of the incident and has suspended the passenger from the platform as investigations are ongoing.

Grab is also providing support and assistance to the driver and emphasised that it has "zero tolerance for indecent behaviour, harassment or abuse of any kind".