'Like peeled-off paint': Durian lover-turns-hater says she was 'exploited' over $64 Musang King

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Magyanyan

This durian lover will not be going near her favourite fruit anytime soon, after voicing her disgust over some store-bought Musang King that did not even look the part.

Taking to TikTok on Wednesday (Feb 1), Magyanyan called out a stall in Ang Mo Kio for the underwhelming durians.

"What type is durian is this?" The woman said, holding up a piece of pale-looking fruit that was falling part.

"$64 for two boxes… Like that I can sell durians already," she added.


Magyanyan also clarified that she posted the video to prevent other customers from being "cheated".

In the comments, several netizens agreed with the TikTok user about her assessment of the durians.

"Look like chicken breast," a netizen quipped, while Magyanyan replied in the thread that "it's more tough than chicken meat".

Several netizens questioned why the customer did not check the durians before paying.

But Magyanyan described how it was hard to check for the quality when the staff there "opened up the whole durian behind the scenes".

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Magyanyan

'The quality really sucks'

In a subsequent TikTok video shared on the same day, Magyanyan clarified that she was not complaining about the stall.

But rather, her grievances were directed towards the employees there.

"They [clearly] told me it's $44.60 [for two boxes]," the woman said. "But after I withdrew the money, they told me it's [actually] $64."

While Magyanyan described how she was "exploited" by the durian stall's staff, she shared that she did not mind paying for good quality durians.

"But the quality really sucks," the customer said, likening them to peeled-off paint.

"I'm a durian lover, but these makes me hate durians right now," she added.

AsiaOne has contacted Magyanyan for more information.

Another unhappy durian customer 

In another recent incident of a customer complaining about durians, a customer shared how one seller allegedly promised him a free Musang King but then later made him pay for it. 

Taking to Facebook in January, Robert Yeo shared shared that he had bought three Black Gold durians from Top Durian Station at Bukit Batok West Shopping Centre. 

The durian seller then "suddenly" offered a free Musang King, Yeo claimed, adding that he said "why not".

After being made to pay for the free durian, Yeo said he went back to confront the durian stall. 

"They surrounded me and pushed me around. [One of the workers] also challenged me to a fight," he added. 

In a response to the allegations, Top Durian Station said that Yeo's dissatisfaction was due to his misunderstanding with their in-store promotion. 

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