'At least $10': 'Fundraising gang' accused of pestering shoppers at Beauty World Centre supermarket for donations

'At least $10': 'Fundraising gang' accused of pestering shoppers at Beauty World Centre supermarket for donations
A 'fundraising gang' has been accused of soliciting donations within Giant supermarket at Beauty World Centre.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

Would you give them money out of the kindness of your heart, or for them to go away?

In a post on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore uploaded on Tuesday (May 30), a user shared concerns regarding a group of young men that entered Giant supermarket at Beauty World Centre to seek donations two days prior.

"A customer was looking at the products on display when they were randomly stopped by someone… holding a bag and a file, asking for donations," the user wrote.

"The customer, together with his [group], left the place immediately, eventually leaving the supermarket while [waving dismissively] with his hand."

Speaking with reporters from Shin Min Daily News on Wednesday, several shop owners in the mall referred to the group as a "fundraising gang" that has been skulking around the mall for at least two years, usually collecting donations from people at the mall's entrance.

A 63-year-old female grocer, surnamed Chen, shared that the men looked to be in their 20s to 30s and would occasionally attempt to enter the supermarket to find their "targets".


She added: "I was asked to donate before — they would request that we donate at least $10. Once they found out I was a shop owner here, they stopped asking. They only ask members of the public to donate."

Another shop owner who declined to be named told the Chinese daily: "When the person refuses to donate, they would continue to pester them. I've seen many people donate money in this way."

Responding to queries from Shin Min, both the mall and Giant have expressed that the group does not have permission to solicit donations within their premises.

A spokesperson for the mall shared that the group has not contacted the mall nor applied for permit to collect donations in the mall, and that staff would usually instruct them to leave immediately.

"However, we are unsure if the organisation in question is a registered charity, or whether they have received a fundraising license from the authorities," the spokesperson added.

On behalf of Giant, DFI Retail Group informed Shin Min that no organisation has contacted them for permission to raise funds in the supermarket's premises.


The spokesperson also said that DFI is investigating the matter and has also strengthened vigilance against similar activities.

"We advise [fundraisers] not to approach our customers in the stores. Customers and their shopping experiences are important to us," the spokesperson stated.

"Customers who meet with such situations can contact our team who will assist the customer in resolving the matter in an appropriate and respectful manner."



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