PM Lee catches Covid-19 for the first time

PHOTO: Reuters, Facebook/Lee Hsien Loong

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has tested positive for Covid-19 for the first time on Monday (May 22), after his recent work trips to South Africa and Kenya.

"I tested positive for Covid-19 for the first time this morning," Lee wrote in a Facebook post.

"This comes after my recent work trips. I am generally feeling ok but my doctors have advised me to self-isolate until I am asymptomatic."

He said that he has been prescribed the antiviral medication Paxlovid, used for treatment of mild-moderate Covid-19 in adults, because of his age. PM Lee is 71 years old.

He also added that his most recent Covid-19 vaccine booster was in November, and urged Singaporeans to keep up-to-date with their vaccinations.

"Please continue to keep your vaccinations up-to-date, as it reduces the risk of severe illness," he wrote. "As Covid-19 remains endemic in Singapore, we must continue to stay safe and healthy."

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