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Popular Singapore live-streamer said to have scammed 7 men of over $30,000 in leaked phone call

Popular Singapore live-streamer said to have scammed 7 men of over $30,000 in leaked phone call
PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

"I'm a natural, honey, I was born to be a scammer."

These words shocked some fans of a popular local content creator whose alleged phone conversation was leaked on YouTube on Thursday (June 3).

In the 15-minute-long video, a woman shared how she targeted vulnerable, lonely men on gaming platforms such as Steam, admitting: "I scammed, like, seven guys and never got caught."

One of them supposedly gave her the $30,000 which he had received as a sign-on bonus in the army.

After the man badgered her to return him his money, the woman said she went out with him, adding: "I just 'meow' be all cute and nice, and I never met him again."

After some time, the men gave up on getting their money back, according to the woman in the recorded conversation.

"You can't arrest me for loaning me money. You can’t do that, you offered it, it’s your fault," she said.

He also allegedly tried to report the love scam to the police, but she told the police he was taking care of her because she was his girlfriend.

The actual amount wasn't recorded as she had asked him to hand her cash in the "few hundreds" over two years, she said.

The woman allegedly spun tales about her money troubles to the men, telling them she had poor health or she was raped by her father.

"I knew what kind of people to target… I even targeted a handicapped person but I didn't know he was handicapped ok," she admitted.

The video shows a phone recording taken on May 20 by an unidentified man on the other end of the line and has been viewed over 33,000 times at the time of writing.

The woman also said: "I don't want to do that s*** anymore, I just want to be a normal person" and added that she stopped the "scamming business" since she started live-streaming, where she has tens of thousands of followers.

The recent 'expose' video on YouTube sparked hot debate on online forums including Reddit and HardwareZone, as well as an Instagram post rallying for support for scam victims.

“If you usually believe in the victim, and support ‘innocent until proven guilty’ etc, do read this to support real victims. Even if you don’t, read it anyway and help to share this so that this doesn’t happen again to others in the future,” the post by Our Fallen Warriors read.


AsiaOne has contacted the live-streamer and the police for more information.

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